Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians:

Welcome to Kolbe Academy! Thank you for your commitment to our school, to the recovery community we foster and to distinctive Catholic education. We are all excited to build a school and create a life-giving culture together. We take great pride in the personal care and concern we will show to each student.

Given that goal, the pages following this letter are the Kolbe Academy Student/Parent Handbook. Please carefully read through this important document. The information that is found in this handbook serves as a daily guide to the successful function of the school.

In this handbook, you will find information such as: administration and staff contacts, the grading scale, bell schedules, the discipline policy, dress code, graduation requirements, the attendance policy, and much more.

For a school like Kolbe Academy to operate in a caring and loving manner, all stakeholders must understand and follow the rules and regulations that exist. These rules are not meant to be punitive but to allow our school to be a community that is safe and benefits all of us, especially our students. While you may not agree with every regulation, as a member of our community, we appreciate your support knowing that this handbook exists to maintain order and civility.

We are excited that you are a part of the Kolbe Academy community. We are grateful for your commitment and for choosing us to be your partners in education and the well-being of your child. Please know we are all here to help you and your child. Please contact us if you need something.

Andrew D’Angelo


Student Handbook – 2022-2023 (1)