Where Leaning on One Another is Expected and Supported

Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) are an important part of a student’s success and of the Kolbe Academy experience. APGs provide each student with the emotional and therapeutic support they need to be successful in school. APGs also provide students in recovery with friends that provide alternative attitudes, values, judgments, processes and behaviors to support the necessary change to get well from the disease of addiction. APGs allow children to get out of the drug culture and to make new relationships and friendships with peers that aren’t part of the drug culture. It allows them to be adolescents without using drugs. APGs remove children from pressured peer group situations and puts them into a positive peer group with positive peer pressure. APGs present the student with the opportunity to live his or her life by a set of spiritual principles that encourages them to be sober and better than they have been in the past. It is a program of attraction where kids can have fun and talk about things comfortably with others who understand what they are experiencing.

Kolbe Academy offers APGs on  Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  Through this program, students experience art class, a music recovery program, cooking class, bowling, and other exciting activities.  These APGs teach students to work together, prioritize time, build life skills and have fun!