Building Leadership, Service, and Friendship Opportunities

Kolbe Academy intends to offer students a wide variety of clubs and extra-curricular activities. We want to offer something for everyone – competitive clubs, academic clubs, service–oriented clubs, religious or spiritual activities, etc. Activities will be offered after school, at times, and also during a weekly Activity Period built into the daily schedule.

Getting involved in the life of a school naturally enhances one’s school experience. When students participate in activities, they build friendships, learn leadership skills, understand the need for time management and grow in confidence. A dynamic activities program not only enhances that student experience but it also makes students more well-rounded, happy and positive. As a small school, Kolbe will allow students to help direct the kinds of activities and clubs they want to form and establish. Undoubtedly, new clubs will be offered throughout the year as student interest is gauged and identified. We want students to become leaders and by introducing and helping to form different clubs, they will get that leadership experience.