Kolbe Academy Requirements

Graduation from Kolbe Academy requires a minimum of 27 credits in the following areas as mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Board of Education, Diocese of Allentown Policy #5127. They include:

  • Theology (students who transfer in after 9th grade are excused from courses missed) – 4 Credits
  • English – 4 Credits
  • Mathematics – 3 Credits
  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, choice) – 3 Credits
  • History (American History, American Government & World History) – 3 Credits
  • Foreign Language – 2 Credits
  • Electives – 5 Credits
  • Minors (PE, Health, Fine Arts, Drivers Ed) – 2 Credits
  • Community Service – 1 credit (.25 credits earned each year)

Total: 27 Credits


All classes taken must be passed with a 70% or higher, regardless of the number of credits completed. Any student who has not completed or passed all subjects necessary to receive a diploma may participate in the graduation ceremony, however, will not receive a diploma until everything has been satisfactorily completed.

Besides meeting the academic criteria to be eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony and receive a diploma, a student:

  • Must have a passing grade in conduct
  • Must have fulfilled all counseling obligations
  • Must have fulfilled all service requirements
  • Must have satisfied all financial obligations
  • Must attend all Baccalaureate Mass and Graduation rehearsals