Keeping Our Focus on What Matters

Kolbe Academy is committed to the well being and distinctive education of all of our students. It is our commitment to create an enthusiastic environment and culture of love and support for our students and their families. We will work collaboratively with the families to help each student thrive at Kolbe Academy. We will also offer Alternative Peer Groups (APGs) in support of a student’s spiritual, mental, social, emotional and physical wellbeing and development.

Each day, Kolbe will offer a morning wellness meeting and end of the day “closing-check” to insure there are no issues to disrupt the educational process. The school will be available to provide brief counseling interventions if necessary, to address any behavioral, emotional or recovery issues that arise on a given day. The school will perform random and frequent drug tests reinforcing students’ accountability and illustrating our love and concern for each student. Every day, students will be loved and challenged. We will listen to our students, support them and hold them accountable at all times.

Kolbe Academy understands the two-fold nature of our school – an outstanding academic Catholic education and the need for counseling services. Kolbe recognizes that time is needed during the school day for one-on-one and group counseling sessions. Students need to develop the necessary skills and strategies needed to sustain sobriety and encounter life-long success on their recovery journeys both during high school and beyond.

In an effort to offer the effective counseling services, Kolbe Academy partners with Mid-Atlantic Rehabilitation Services (MARS-ATP) of the Lehigh Valley. These counseling agencies will facilitate daily group support meetings. Students will learn strategies to cope with setbacks and disappointments and how deal with the daily stress that they will face. Students will be able to meet with counseling personnel both in structured meeting times but also in crisis situations if necessary. Family counseling will also be an important part of the recovery program for our students where the entire family will be expected to take part in counseling sessions.